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The Quality Health Indicator (QHi) Project is an economical, Web-based quality benchmarking program specifically designed, developed and driven by small rural hospitals and rural health clinics to compare selected quality measures with other similar hospitals and clinics. It was developed through a partnership of the Kansas Rural Health Options Project (KRHOP), Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office of Rural Health (KDHE), Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) and the Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation (KHERF). The website is managed by the Kansas Hospital Association. Participating hospitals and clinics benchmark against self-defined peer groups to learn from the best practices of other organizations in order to adopt new processes in four categories of measures: Clinical Quality, Workforce, Financial Operational and Patient Satisfaction. QHi is currently being used by more than 1300 users in 223 small rural hospitals and 119 clinics in 12 states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. QHi allows small rural hospitals and clinics to: (1) Collect, track and trend data unique to their specific environment (2) Evaluate current performance every month, set targets for improvement and integrate successful solutions from other benchmark hospitals and clinics (3) Participate in a nationally recognized initiative to demonstrate healthcare quality in rural America. QHi was originally developed and continues to be funded by Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (FLEX) grant funds and SHIP funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy. For current pricing and additional information, please contact Stu Moore, Program Manager QHi, smoore@kha-net.org or Sally Othmer, Senior Director Data and Quality Reporting, sothmer@kha-net.org.

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